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T I K K I  Studio is open to all that are interested in making things with textiles during allotted hours. As a social space for people to feel empowered to sew their goods, you are able to use all the space and machinery available in the studio/ sewing workshop to work on your project during studio time.  It's perfect for sewists that need a bit more room to sew, would like to use our specialized machines, or just need a bit of assistance with their project.

As sustainability is the backbone of T I K K I, We try our best to acquire everything used or secondhand unless it's necessary or not viable. We love rescuing these robust machineries as they are beautiful and have still got so much life in them. Click on the below images for their individual story and info.


$20 per hour

(Cost capped at $60 with tea, coffee + sweets included)

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