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T I K K I   S T U D I O

A space that encourages the repair, upcycling and making of textile goods.

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Sewing Lessons

+ Courses

So you want to sew eh?! Then, you came to the right place!
@ T I K K I , we offer Private lesson, Sewing Course and events so that you can learn how to sew or simply perfect your skills!

T I K K I 

Are you looking for a quiet creative space to work from, or a space you can spread out in to work on your projects? Come use the TIKKI Workspace! Outside the hours of our courses and lessons, TIKKI Studio offers our studio as a Co-working space. 

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T I K K I   S T U D I O

Connecting consumers , designers and makers

T I K K I Studio started as an effort to promote sustainability in the consumption of textile goods by connecting consumers, designers and makers through a sewing workshop that encourages the public to repair, upcycle and sew textile goods like clothing and bags.
Acknowledging that sewing is a dying life skill that used to be passed down from mothers to daughters/sons, T I K K I Studio wants to continue that tradition of creating special bonds and sentiments and passing down a skill through our services, may it be between family or friends or our community. The accessible and fun sewing workshops provide a social space for people to feel empowered to sew their goods. Through this, you will have an opportunity to make sustainable and conscious choices and to give a prolonged life to your old items or second-hand purchases.

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