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The Story behind T I K K I

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Hello Hello readers!

It's Nina here and in this post I will share with you the story behind TIKKI Studio and how it came about.

As many of you might know, TIKKI Studio only started a year ago here in beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand (Aug 2020). However, what you might not know is that it is an idea that has been brewing for the past 7 years and is actually the case study for my Master's Thesis at Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland. Since sustainability has always been a strong interest for me, personally and professionally, after completing my BA degree in apparel design and technology and realizing that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting and unethical industries in the world, I decided to continued my studies to explore the role of a fashion designer in creating a more sustainable industry. During my research, I discovered many possible approaches a designer can take to address sustainable issue in the industry like tackling the supply chain from raw materials or production, or design collections that creates less waste, and many more, but what resonated with me most was working with consumers. It was obvious that with globalization and industrialization of clothing, especially affordable clothing, and as our lives become more and more busy over the years, the skill of sewing has slowly disappeared from our society. Subsequently, TIKKI Studio (previously called Studio + Machine), was born. Through TIKKI studio, I had to opportunity to share my knowledge with consumers about sustainability issues in the industry, the value of clothing, and sewing and dressmaking via workshops and services.

You guys might be quite curious about where the name "TIKKI" came from. It is quite simple yet very meaningful for me personally as "Tikki" is the Finnish word for "stitch" and was also the name of the room that I had my initial workshops in, in a Helsinki Community centre called Bokvillan.

Bokvillan is a historical building which was a summer villa to a bookseller, turned residence for leaders of the Arabian Porcelain Company, then later renovated in the 40s and now turned into a community centre and gallery for the residents of the Arabian neighbourhood in Helsinki. This community space is equipped with a volunteer run café, a space for functions, an art gallery, a piano, a little library and best of all, a sewing room open for the community to use. Accessibility and great atmosphere is everything TIKKI Studio and myself is aiming for, which was why Bokvillan it was perfect place for TIKKI workshops.

Here is a GIF that I made for to access my workshops at Bokvillan

From then on, TIKKI Studio has evolved into a service and co-sewing space that encourages the public to repair, upcycle and sew textile goods, which also acknowledges that sewing is a dying life skill that used to be passed down through generations. T I K K I Studio is here to continue that tradition of creating special bonds and sentiments from passing down a skill through our workshops, classes and services, may it be between family or friends or our community.

Until next time sewists! Keep Questioning where your clothes come from, is it worth repairing and How you can make it fit you better!

We are having more fun workshops in the new year, so stay tuned!



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